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Anemophile (2023)

Director, Animator and Compositor.

A smug oak tree gets more than he bargained for when he challenges Mother Nature.

Disparate Threads (2023)

Producer, Animator and Compositor

An animated documentary about Trans and Non Binary experience.

Screened as an introduction sting for the category "Animated Documentaries" at the London International Animation Festival 2023.

Screend at Cardiff Animation Festival 2024

Year of the Rat (2020)


A little loop animation to celebrate the New Lunar Year in 2020.

Robin In Winter (2019)


A personal project done to improve timing for commedy. 2019 was a particularly cold year in the UK, with lots of snowfalls up to spring months, so I thought of a little robin trying to cope with it all.

Felix (2018)

Assistant Animator and Clean up Artsist


A stray dog embarks on a magical journey

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